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I’m a Christian.

I’m a woman and a feminist.

I’m a student and a writer, and I want to become a teacher.

I’m a little bit crazy.

I will write about the intersection of faith and feminism–how my Christian faith makes me attuned to all sorts of social justice issues, how my awareness of social justice issues impacts the way I think about and live out my faith. I will write about being a student, about education, about my dream of teaching high-school English, about literature, about writing itself BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WRITERS DO WE WRITE SONNETS ABOUT THE ACT OF WRITING A SONNET AND ESSAYS MAPPING OUR ESSAY-PRODUCING PROCESS.

Sorry, got a little carried away.

I might also write about chocolate and dancing and coloring and friendship and heartbreak and the ocean and mountains and Spanish and traveling and solitude and family and dreams and nightmares and technology and why I can’t keep my room clean to save my life and the absolute perfection of a really expensive filet mignon. We’ll see.

The main reason I’m writing is because I want to explore the interaction between serious, intense, informed feminism (which for me means being radically opposed to bigotry of any and every kind) and Christian faith. I haven’t heard a lot of other voices addressing this so I’m muddling through pretty blindly, as most people do tend to muddle through life, and I hope that someone else finds something interesting or helpful or challenging or enlightening in what I write.

General precautions: no one knows how often I will update or how long posts will be or how long this will continue. I will often link to pages containing material you might find offensive–I’ll do my best to warn you, but you have to take me seriously and you can’t blame me when you come across something that offends you. If you’re approaching this with a stronger affinity for Christianity than for feminism, know that much that I might link to contains frequent profanity, graphic discussion of many aspects of sexual behavior and thinking about sex, and anti-Christian bias. If you’re approaching this with a stronger affinity for feminism/social justice than for Christianity, know that much I might link to might contain commentary from people who are ignorant of their privilege and who say hurtful things because they can’t be bothered to learn how not to say hurtful things.

Finally, read the comments policy. Also read “About ‘The Lark Ascending'” because it’s just cool and I want everyone to know about it.


Posted July 23, 2010 by skreps

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