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Meant to add this in the part where I was talking about how the church needs to learn to treat women as whole individuals, equal to men. One thing I think is really important to that is teaching about women in the Bible. So often, in-depth teaching about Ruth and Deborah and Miriam and Esther and even Mary — I mean teaching their stories, diving in, considering what made them exceptional and how God worked in them and how we can learn from their mistakes and emulate their righteousness — is relegated to women’s Bible studies and discussion groups. Why? Why why why why WHY?! There are long intense sermon series on the lives of David and Moses and Peter and Paul and John the Baptist all the time, with the assumption that everyone can learn from them.

Obviously, there are ways in which studying female figures of the Bible can be specifically helpful for women in gender-specific intimate groups; same with men studying male figures. Figuring out how to deal with things that the world throws at women, in a Godly way that works for women, is important for many of us. I’m not saying that should stop. I AM saying that we should stop acting as if men’s stories, men’s examples, men’s voices are the only ones that have value for all people. That would be a big part of the church culture I long for, which truly values all women and teaches young men to value them too.


Posted August 20, 2010 by skreps in Faith, Feminism, Gender, Sexism

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